Eundem (the same) Germania (of Germany) sinum (bend) proximi (nearest) Oceano (to the Ocean) Cimbri (the Cimbri) tenent (hold), parva (small) nunc (now) civitas (states), sed (but) gloria (in fame) ingens (great). Veterisque (and of old) famae (glory) lata (traces) vestigia (widespread) manent (remain), utraque (on both sides) ripa (of the riverbank) castra (by their camps) ac spatia (space is occupied), quorum (by whose) ambitu (circuit) nunc (now) quoque (even) metiaris (one might measure) molem (the measure) manusque (and magnitude) gentis (of their forces) et (and) tam (so) magni (great) exitus (exodus/departure) fidem (the credibility). Sescentesimum et quadragesimum annum (641st year) urbs (city) nostra (our) agebat (was in its), cum (when) primum (first) Cimbrorum (of the Cimbri) audita sunt (had been heard) arma (the weapons) Caecilio Metello et Papirio Carbone consulibus (in the consulships of Caecilius Metellus and Papirius Carbo). Ex (from) quo (which) si (if) ad (to) alterum (the second) Imperatoris Traiani (of the emperor Traian) consulatum (consulship) computemus (we count), decenti (200) ferme (nearly) et (and) decem (10) anni (years) colliguntur (are collected): tam diu (for so long) Germania (Germany) vincitur (is being conquered). Medio (in the midst) tam (so) longi (long) aevi (of time) spatio (of a period) multa (many) invicem (in turn) damna (disasters). Non Samnis (not the Samnis), non Poeni (not the Carthiginians), non Hispaniae (not the Spanish) Galliaeve (or the Galls), ne (nor) Parthi (the parthians) quidem (even) saepius (more often) admonuere (have warned [us]): quippe (Indeed) regno (than the despotism) Arsacis (of Persia) acrior (keener) est (is) Germanorum (of the Germans) libertas (the freedom). Quid (what) enim (for) aliud (else) nobis (at us) quam (than) caedem (the slaughter) Crassi (of Crassus), amisso (having lost) et (and) ipse (itself) Pacoro (Pacorus), infra (under) Ventidium (Ventidius) deiectus (crushed) Oriens (the East) obiecerit (throw)? At (But) Germani (the Germans) Carbone et Cassio et Scauro Aurelio et Servilio Caepione Gnaeoque Mallio (in Carbonus and Cassius and Scaurus Aurelius and Servilius Caepio and Gnaeus Mallus) fusis (humiliated) vel (or)captis (captured), quinque (5) simul (at the same time) consularis (consular) exercitus (armies) populo (of the people) Romano (Roman), Varum (Varus) trisque (and 3) cum (with) eo (him) legiones (legions) etiam (even) Caesari (of Caesar) abstulerunt (they took); nec (not) impune (unscathed) C. Marius (C. Marius) in Italia (in Italy), divus Iulius (the divine Julius) in Gallia (in the Galls), Drusus ac Nero et Germanicus (Drusus and Nero and Germanicus) in (in) suis (their own) eos (them) sedibus (territories) perculerunt (defeated). Mox (Soon) ingentes (the great) Gai Caesaris (of Gaius Caesar) minae (threat) in ludibrium (into farce/derision) versae (turned). Inde (from there) otium (leisure), donec (until) occasione (in the occasion) discordiae (of discord) nostrae (of our) et (and) civilium armorum (of civil war) expugnatis (having been assaulted) legionum (legions) hibernis (winter) etiam (even) Gallias (the Galls) adfectavere (aimed at); ac (and) rursus (in turn) inde (there) pulsi (repulsed back) proximis (in more recent) temporibus (times) triumphati (triumphs) magis (more) quam (than) victi (victories) sunt (there are).



Contra (Facing) Langobardos (the Langobardo) paucitas (their paucity) nobilitat (is known): plurimis (with many) ac (and) valentissimis (very strong) nationibus (tribes) cincti (joined), non (not) per (through) obsequium (obedience), sed (but) proeliis (battles) et (and) periclitando (by facing danger) tuti (safe) sunt (they are). Reudigni (the Reudigni) deinde (finally) et Aviones et Anglii et Varini et Eudoses et Suardones et Nuithones (Aviones and the Anglii and the Varini and the Eudoses and the Suardones and Nuithones) fluminibus (by rivers) aut (or) silvis (by forests) muniuntur (they are defended): nec (nor) quidquam (anything) notabile (notable) in singulis (individually), nisi (except) quod (that) in commune (in general) Nerthum (Nerthus), id (that) est (is) Terram (the earth) matrem (mother), colunt (they worship), eamque (she) intervenire (intervenes) rebus (in the affairs) hominum (of men), invehi (is carried) populis (among the people) arbitrantur (they believe). Est (there is) in insula (on an island) Oceani (in the Ocean) castum nemus (a sacred grove), dicatumque (and consecrated) in eo (on it) vehiculum (a chariot), veste (with a cloth) contectum (covered), attingere (to touch) uni (single) sacerdoti (to a priest) concessum (permitted). Is (he) adesse (is present) penetrali (in the sacred recess) deam (the goddess) intelligit (he perceives), vectamque (and yoked) bubus (to cows) feminis (female) multa (much) cum (with) veneratione (veneration) prosequitur (he follows her). Laeti (joyful) tunc (then) dies (the days [sunt is understood]), festa (festive) loca (places [sunt]), quaecumque (wherever) adventu (the her arrival [she arrives]) hospitioque (and with hospitality) dignatur (she is welcomed). Non (not) bella (into wars) ineunt (they go), non (not) arma (arms) sumunt (they take up); clausum (shut away) omne (all) ferrum (iron): pax (peace) et (and) quies (quiet) tunc (then/now) tantum (only) nota (known [sunt]), tunc (now) tantum (only) amata (are they loved), donec (until) idem (the same) sacerdos (priest) satiatam (satiated) conversatione (with the contact) mortalium (of mortals) deam (the goddess) templo (to the temple) reddat (returns). Mox (soon) vehiculum (the wagon) et vestes (and the covering), et (and), si (if)credere (to believe) velis (you want), numen (the goddess) ipsum (herself) secreto (in a secret) lacu (lake) abluitur (is washed/purified). Servi (slaves) ministrant (do the work), quos (whom) statim (at once) idem (the same) lacus (lake) haurit (swallows up); arcanus (obscure) hinc (hence) terror (terror) sanctaque (and the sacred) ignorantia (ignorance), quid (what) sit (is) illud (that), quod (which) tantum (only) perituri (those about to die) vident (see).


Ceterum (Moreover) Harii (the Harii) super (beyond) vires (their strength), quibus (in which) enumeratos (enumerated) paulo (a little bit) ante (before) populos(peoples) antecedunt (they surpass), truces (savage) insitae (instinctive) feritati (wild) arte (by cunning) ac (and) tempore (by opportunity) lenocinantur (they are aided): nigra (black) scuta (shields), tincta (tainted) corpora (bodies); atras (dark) ad proelia (for battles) noctes (nights) legunt (they choose) ipsaque (and by the very) formidine (terror-inspiring) atque (and) umbra (shadowy aspect) feralis (of their death-like) exercitus (army) terrorem (fear) inferunt (they strike), nullo (with no) hostium (for the enemy) sustinente (resisting) novum (a strange) ac velut (and almost) infernum (death-like) adspectum (appearance); nam (for) primi (first) in omnibus (in all) proeliis (battles) oculi (the eyes) vincuntur (are defeated).

Trans (Beyond) Lugios (the Lugios) Gotones (the Gotones) regnantur (are ruled by kings), paulo (a bit) iam (now) adductius (more strictly) quam (than) ceterae (other) Germanorum (of the Germans) gentes (tribes), nondum (not yet) tamen (however) supra (beyond) libertatem (freedom). Protinus (further on) deinde (then) ab Oceano (from the Ocean) Rugii et Lemovii (the Rugii and Lemovii [sunt]); omniumque (and of all) harum (these) gentium (tribes) insigne (the insignia) rotunda (round) scuta (shield [est]), breves (short) gladii (swords) et (and) erga (toward) reges (kings) obsequium (submission).

Germania XLVI (fini)
Nec (nor) aliud (any) infantibus (for infants) ferarum (of wild beasts) imbriumque (and weather) suffugium (shelter) quam (other than) ut (that which) in aliquo (into some) ramorum (of branches) nexu (collection) contegantur (they assemble): huc (here) redeunt (return) iuvenes (young men), hoc (this) senum (of old men) receptaculum (refuge [est]). Sed (but) beatius (happier) arbitrantur (they consider it) quam (than) ingemere (to groan) agris (in the fields), inlaborare (to labor) domibus(in the house), suas (their own) alienasque (and others’) fortunas (fortunes) spe ([between] hope) metuque (and fear) versare (to turn): securi (secure) adversus (against) homines (men), securi (indifferent) adversus (toward) deos (gods) rem (thing) difficillimam (most difficult) adsecuti sunt (they have obtained), ut (that) illis (for them) ne (not) voto (for prayer) quidem (even) opus esset (there is need). Cetera (The rest) iam (now) fabulosa (stories [est]): Hellusios et Oxionas (the Hellusios and Oxiones) ora (with the faces) hominum (of men) voltusque (and expressions), corpora (the bodies) atque (and) artus (limbs) ferarum (of beasts) gerere (wear): quod (because) ego (I) ut incompertum (it is incomplete) in medio (in the middle) relinquam (I shall leave).


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