Amanda's Awesome Quotes - (They no longer fit on my facebook quote page)

Amanda: I need shoes. I'll just wear yours.
Me: How do they fit?
Amanda: Like a glove... one that's too big.

"If a girl like you is impossible to find, then does that mean you don't exist?"
(talking about the song, Fall For You)

"Latin can go die! Oh wait, it already did."

Amanda: It was a thought.
Me: Yes, a bad one.

"Hannah, I've decided to take on the responsibility of being your nurse, not because I love you, but because I wanted to wear the gloves."

"I win! I win... owe... Oh I lost. I loose! I loose!"

Amanda: "Did you take that picture?"
Me: "Umm... I'm in it."

"I crack myself up."

"That guy's pants turn me on. Yeah, I'm talking about the fuzzy ones."

"It's cause of my frog-like stature."

"1 times 4 equals 8 plus 3 is 11... so it's 11/4."

"Yes, lick your privates, cat. That's a good thing."

"WOW! You were typing like a hundred words an hour... wait. that's like really slow."

"You should wear those clear glasses... You know... Contacts."

Amanda: That's right! Nerds read manga too!
Me: Nerds read manga... *
Amanda: Oh well
Me: * ... period.

"Hannah, he's a woman"

"You have no friends! ... because you read poetry to yourself in your room!"

"I am happy
I am snappy
But my mom
Feels kind of crappy."
--Amanda in response to mom's sad poems (her example of better poetry)--

H: It would be like, I was looking looking up hot japanese guys ...
A: and I saw something I shouldn't have. O_O
H: It was Miley Cyrus.
--Don't ask--

"You're so cold, you're giving me brain freeze o.O"

Amanda: Is that Jesus?
Hannah: ... It's You.

"I swear to God, I was thinking that in my head, but I wasn't gonna say it cause it was lame."
--After I said something lame--

Me: Wow! Pittsburgh's getting everything =D The Steelers won the Superbowl! The Penguins won the Stanley Cup...
Amanda: And Pirates hats are on sale.

"It would be awesome to have dentures... You could just pop them out and plop them in some salt water.. or whatever they use to clean them..."

"I don't want to have to make my English teacher look up words in the dictionary."
(when I was [trying to] help Amanda with her English essays)

"Cute guys get acne too."

Me: "How old will I be in a few days :-D"
Amanda: "16..."
Me: O_O :_(
Amanda: "and four fourths that is!"

"Why must toes be so big?"
(Spoken dramatically as she attempted to change the song with her foot)

Amanda: Sometimes... teen marriages cause people to never mature.
Me: Oh... so that's what happened to dad.

After walking into Amanda's room unannounced
Amanda: Why are you in here
Me: There wasn't room at the inn
Amanda: ... so are you pregnant?
Me: Well... <.< >.> o.O
Amanda: Is there something happening with God that I should know about?

"Their love is so eternal that they hate each other O_O ... ... ... What the hell!"
(about Wuthering Heights)

"How dare she make people argue and not have them fall in love !"

"I like my butt, but you don't see me going around and kissing it... I don't kiss ass."

"It’s more muscular than wind"
--Trying to explain ectoplasm--

Me: Aw... Low battery =( I have to go...
Amanda: *eye shift toward the ground*
Me: Does that cord fit my computer?
Amanda: That cord came with your computer...

"I was on my period like 24/7 back in those days."

"You know, Hannah, I'm taller than you now
... that I'm wearing these shoes."

"I feel like one of those men who just had their suitcase thrown at them from a woman they've been dating for a really long time."

"Tell me a title, author, or an ISBN that you know by heart."

"Because that's how luck works... It doesn't"

"God, Macbeth, can you stop putting literary things in your sentences."

"He is so hot... I want his head. I want to cut his head off and keep it for myself."

Amanda: I want a banana... I want a banana with burrito cheese...
Hannah: O.o
Amanda: Oh shut up I was trying to think of something random to say!
(Amanda describing how she is when she has stayed up all night)

"If you're gonna sprout fun facts at me, Hannah, make them fun."

"Hannah, I think all of your egos are super." *big smile*
-While studying psychology with me-

"Omg, Hannah, we're comparing each other to fruit." :-)

"Awful face of scariness"
(description of someone in Amanda's dream)

Me: Dude... The voice came from over here.
Amanda: I have bad ear-eye coordination.

I was explaining the rules to an ice-breaker I did at my honors college orientation called "fuzzy duck" to my sister... In said game, you had to stand in a big circle and one person starts by turning to the person next to them and saying "fuzzy duck." Then, if you so chose, you could turn back to them and say "was he?" where the person would then have to turn the opposite direction from the "fuzzy duck" direction and say "ducky fuzz" ... It would go on like that until someone decided to say "was he?" and then, it would turn back to "fuzzy duck" ... The point was that you would get tripped up and have to stand in the middle... Amanda's response to this bizarre game was:
"Aw man... I would have messed up and said like 'does he ______" ... she didn't have to say the blank... it took her pretty much 0 seconds to think of this...

Question on a question cards game that I asked Amanda "How many dates have you had this month?"
Amanda: "16!" *big smile*
Me: *Confused look*
(this was July 16th)

"You hurt yourself reading, didn't you?" - Directed at Pam, the teen librarian, who had one of those hand-wrist things I don't know the name of that people where when they hurt their hand or wrist...

"You're balding! ... oh wait no, you did that on purpose."

"P= (licking my lips after eating ice cream)" - Amanda in yahoo chat

"Hannah, your whole life is a suck-up." (when I was writing a brief autobiography for an application)

Me: "Trains are so romantic!"
Amanda: "Hannah, you're not going to find your true love on the Amtrak."

"i like to over-think about romance because it gives me more romance to think about."

"I love remainder marks because it means that I got a good deal."

"It's my nature to bring people down, so they can build themselves back up and become better."

"I just almost ate the remote because I thought it was a cracker."

Mom: Everybody's entitled to their likes and dislikes.
Amanda: No... Everybody's entitled to my likes and dislikes.
(While discussing my dislike for sausage)

Amanda: Did you know that cats can understand more English words than dogs?
Mom: Really?
Amanda: Yup ^_^
Dad: Tuna.
Egypt (Cat): Meeooow

"Everybody's a thief sometimes. For example, I keep stealing men's hearts."
(After I freaked out because I accidentally stole something that got stuck to my clothes, which I will take back the next time I visit that store or pay them 7 dollars if I forget it.)

Mom:This is the other present... wrapped in a very sloppy way. (2 belts in wrapping paper)
Amanda: That's what it looks like when I wrap square things.

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